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Save the Dates

January 6, Board meeting at home of Joyce Joseph
February 19, Lunch and Learn with the League
March 3, Glenview/Glencoe League movie series begins
March 7, Issues Briefing
June 5-7 LWVIL Convention

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  • LWVMA Continues Fight to Preserve Women’s Access to Reproductive Health Facilities January 22, 2015
    Tags: roe v wade, buffer zone, guest blog, abortion, reproductive rights, mccullen v coakleyThe League of Women Voters of Massachusetts guest blogs on their new buffer zone law for the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Women's Reproductive Health
  • Follow Last Night’s State of the Union Action! January 21, 2015
    Tags: SOTU, State of the Union, Obama, Bingo, storifyCheck out our Storify to catch up on the President’s speech and to see how our Bingo boards played out! Protecting and Engaging Voters Protecting Voters Voting Rights Voting Rights Act Defending the Environment Clean Air Defense Global Climate Change Clean Energy Fixing Fiscal Policy […]

Fact of the Month – January 2015

President John F. Kennedy's Commission on the Status of Women produced a report in 1963 that revealed, among other things, that women earned 59 cents for every dollar that men earned and were kept out of the more lucrative professional positions. When the 1964 Civil Rights Act was proceeding through Congress, an amendment made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender as well as race. When the amendment was not taken seriously regarding women in the workplace, the National Organization of Women was founded to enforce full equality for women in truly equal partnership with men.


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